The Story of Cornelle Part II

Posted on Friday, October 4th, 2013.

Crossroads Animal Clinic welcomes you back for Cornelle’s thrilling conclusion….

We quickly set up for surgery and got Cornelle prepped. We were all anxious to find out what he could have eaten that has made him so sick. Dr. Minton knew that Cornelle’s stomach was full of liquid so in order to keep the surgical site as clean as possible she decided to first get as much of the stomach fluid out before starting surgery. She carefully passed a tube into the stomach and we were able to pump the fluid out, allowing the abdomen pressure to be relieved. Now, we were ready to start the exploratory surgery.  Dr. Minton quickly found the blockage in the intestine and removed it. She then checked the rest of the intestines for any other blockages before she closed the incision site. After Cornelle was awake, we began looking at the object trying to figure out what it was. It was hard foam and was round like a ball but was cut in half and hollowed on one side. It didn’t take long for one of our technicians to identify it as the tip of a birdie for badminton. Dr. Minton called the owners to let them know that Cornelle was out of surgery, recovering well and that it looked to be a birdie he had eaten. The owners confirmed that they in fact do have birdies in the house and that Cornelle does have a history of eating things.  We advised the owners that Cornelle would have to stay one more night and could go home the next day if all was well. The next morning Cornelle looked great and began to eat. We knew it was time for him to go home. The family came to pick up Cornelle and were so happy we saved their dog.

Cornelle came back about a week later for a follow-up visit and he was like a different dog. He was energetic, running around the exam room, jumping on us for kisses. He knew that we saved his life and took great care of him. The owners explained that this is the dog they know, not the Cornelle we had met just a week prior. To us he was a brand new dog and to the Mays Family he was himself again.