Dental Month is Here

Posted on Friday, September 6th, 2013.

Are your pet’s teeth no longer pearly white? Well, have no fear, dental month is here! Crossroads Animal Clinic is offering discounts all month on both anesthetic  and non-anesthetic dentals.  September 20th is when we will have our non-anesthetic dentals and we are offering $20 off the cost. Non-anesthetic dentals are perfect for pets with mild dental disease or who have had a non-anesthetic dental within 6 months. We will also be taking 20% off our anesthetic dental, dental x-rays, and bloodwork.  If you are not sure which procedure is best for your pet, feel free to come by and our staff will take a look to determine the best choice.

Periodontal disease is nothing to turn your nose up at. Bacteria in the mouth is not isolated only to the mouth. All those germs are being pumped throughout your pets body via the bloodstream, potentially causing damage. All organs are affected when your pet has dental disease. We recommend a dental cleaning at least every year, preferrably every 6 months. We also sell dental supplements to help prevent and slow down dental disease. Of course the best thing to do for your pet is the hardest, which is brushing its teeth. In order to get the benefit from brushing, it would require doing so at least 3 times a week. We sell pet toothpaste in tasty flavors. You do not want to use human toothpaste because they need to be able to swallow the toothpaste and human toothpaste would be harmful. We also sell Biotene Water Additive to supplement your pet’s water. Just a couple of pumps daily and your pet’s on its way to a healthier mouth. Biotene Oral Maintance Gel is also an option for your four-legged friends. Applied daily to the upper and lower gums will help reduce plaque build up. If your pet is food motivated we have some tasty dental supplement options available. First we have CET chews. These are rawhide-like chews that are infused with chlorahexadine, an anteseptic, to help deter dental disease. Finally, we offer Hill’s Science Diet T/D, which is a dental diet. These kibble are unique in their shape and texture. Where other kibbles crumble when chewed these kibbles do not,  causing the tooth to sink in the kibble completely. This abrassive motion causes the tartar to loosen and remove. It literally brushes the teeth for you! You can feed this as their sole diet or as treats, either way will do the trick.

So, as you can see, we have several options to help with the maintenance of your pet’s mouth. Please take advantage of September Dental Month and then start your pet on one or more of these dental supplements to ensure proper dental health. For questions or to schedule an appointment feel free to give us a call anytime 817 277-9183!!!