New Test for Periodontal Disease

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2013.

New test available on all physical exams at Crossroads Animal Clinic-

Compliments of PDx Bio Tech OraStrip Quick Check Canine strips…

“Periodontal disease-also known as gum disease- is the most frequently diagnosed health problem in dogs. Not only can it cause your dog pain and result in loss of teeth, but periodontal disease is also associated with other serious conditions like heart, kidney, and liver disease. A healthy mouth helps maintain a healthy body. Routine dental care is a key part of maintaining your dog’s health and wellness. For more information on periodontal disease and better quality of life for you dog, visit

This test is a simple way for us to check for periodontal disease and bone loss. The test consists of a strip of paper with a small swab pad on the end. We just rub the strip along the patients upper gum line and match the color change to a chart. Rating O means no periodontal disease, Rating 1-2 mean periodontal disease is present but no bone loss has occurred. Ratings 3-5 mean periodontal disease and bone loss are present. Any rating above a 0 means it is time to get a dental done. As stated above, a bad mouth can lead to other diseases. Any bacteria in the mouth is filtered through the body’s bloodstream and hits all other organs. It is vital that we do all we can  to prevent the onset of periodontal disease. If you have any questions or to schedule an appointment give us a call today!