New Product Alert at Crossroads

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013.

We, at Crossroads Animal Clinic, are proud to announce a new product. In order to offer the best quality care to our patients we have brought Proheart 6  injectable heartworm prevention on board. What does the 6 stand for you ask…why, yes, it stands for 6 months! Proheart 6 is the only 6 month heartworm prevention on the market and only available through a licensed veterinarian. We understand how busy life can get and sometimes giving our furry family a monthly heartworm pill just slips our minds. (Yes, it slips our minds too!!!) Well, we have heard you loud and clear and Proheart 6 is the answer. Proheart 6 can start being administered at 6 months of age. It should not be given to sick, debilitated, or underweight animals. Proheart 6 should be given with caution to dogs with pre-existing allergic disease, including previous vaccine reactions, food allergy, and flea allergy dermatitis. Though there are some stipulations with this drug (i.e. age and health) we have the utmost confidence in this product and the benefits outweigh the risks.  If you are interested in starting your pet on Proheart 6 just give us a call and we can set you up an appointment and answer any questions you may have. For more information on Proheart 6 visit their website www. or call 1-800-366-5288.