Pet Pop Culture Trivia

Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2013.

Here is some fun trivia, compliments of the Bayer Company’s article in the May 24 and May 31/June 7 Entertainment Weekly magazines.

Crossroads Animal Clinic wishes you luck and hopes you get them all correct!!!

1. Which award nominated kitty-classic was the title of the 1965 comedy film of the same name?

2. Heard at sporting events across the country, this 2000 hit helped everyone get their tails wagging to the beat.

3. Off the Honky Chateau album, which fast-paced chart topper was the cat’s meow in 1972?

4. The cover of this iconic song, and the “gyrations” that went along with it, became a hit among teenagers in 1956.

5. The 6th single from Rhythm Nation, this song title also doubles as a symbol for bad luck among the superstitious.

6. Released in 2008 and again in 2010, this song was featured on the duet album Lungs.

7. Which folk rock tune with a meow mix of children’s nursery rhyme lyrics topped the charts in 1974.

8. This track, released in 1971, is about a nameless black Labrador that hung around a British recording studio.

9. This 2008 release, based on a best-selling novel, is the story of a crazy, lovable golden retriever known to many as the “world’s worst dog.”

10. In this movie, two dogs and a cat journey across America and experience all sorts of adventures on their way.

11. One lone stand of shared spaghetti made this animated tale of two dogs from opposite sides of the tracks an instant classic.

12. Not your average buddy cop film, this movie starts a messy mastiff as one half of the disparate duo.

13. In 2011, which prequel featured a frisky feline who had to clear his name and prove to the world he was worthy of his trademark leather boots?

14. Inspired by a true story from Japan, this 2009 movie is about loyalty and the rare relationship between a man and his faithful companion.

15. Set in the ’40s, this coming-of-age story details a Mississippi boy’s life that will never be the same after he receives a Jack Russell for his birthday.

16. This 1957 classic is a tale of friendship and courage, and features one of Hollywood’s greatest and most-moving canine moments.

ANSWERS: 1) What’s New Pussycat 2) Who Let the Dogs Out 3) Honky Cat 4) Hound Dog 5) Black Cat 6) Dog Days Are Over 7) Cat’s in the Cradle 8)Black Dog 9) Marley and Me 10) Homeward Bound 11) Lady and the Tramp 12) Turner and Hooch 13) Puss in Boots 14) Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 15) My Dog Skip 16) Old Yeller